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Three Reasons Why The Point on Emerald Isle Is the Best Beach

If you were to ask five residents or regular visitors of Emerald Isle where’s the best place to get seafood, you’d probably get five different answers. However, ask those same people where the best beach on Emerald Isle is, you’d probably get just one: The Point. This favorite hotspot of fishing, surfing, or beach driving is known for warm water and beautiful views. Getting to The Point is easy. It’s the western-most section of Emerald Isle, where the coast tapers off into a sandbar. Once you get there, the possibilities for a fun day of sand, sun, and surf are nearly endless. Discover what you can do at The Point on Emerald Isle, NC!

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Get to The Point on Emerald Isle, NC

From beach driving to surf fishing to lying in the sand, there’s plenty to do at The Point!

Beach Driving

Beach driving is a longstanding tradition here on Emerald Isle. It’s a great way for fishermen and surfers to transport equipment on the beach and find that perfect spot. If you plan on partaking, you’ll need a permit from the town. Bring a copy of your vehicle registration and driver’s license with you to the town’s Administration Building to apply. Once you’re all squared away, drive to one of the ramps that give vehicles access to the beach, like the one located at the end of Inlet Drive. The speed limit on the beach is 20 mph, and driving is not permitted on the dunes. Be aware that there might be sections of the beach closed off due to erosion, and (most importantly) steer clear of all beach-goers.

Surf Fishing

Another popular activity for Emerald Isle locals and visitors is surf fishing, and The Point is one of the best spots in the area! The best time for surf fishing is when the tides are changing when the water and the fish are more active. Night fishing is pretty popular in this area as well. The cool water and quiet of the night make for a perfect evening in the sand. Just make sure you have your North Carolina fishing license before heading out! We also suggest reading a couple of fishing reports to familiarize yourself with angling on the Crystal Coast.

Lay Back and Enjoy the View

One of the best parts of spending the day at The Point is the unobstructed view of the water. Whether you’re a shutterbug looking for the perfect snapshot or you love to sightsee, stopping by The Point during sunsets is a must. The skies blaze in gorgeous colors as the sun lowers. Words don’t do this sight justice, so just trust us. You won’t want to miss it!

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