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Visit Swansboro, NC, known as the “Friendly City by the Sea.” This lovely city, located just five miles from any of our Emerald Isle vacation rentals, has it all:  waterfront views, sun, smiles, and plenty to do, making it an attractive destination near North Carolina’s Crystal Coast. 

If you want to explore what Swansboro has to offer, the best place to start is downtown. Swansboro’s historic downtown area is bustling with mouth-watering restaurants, exceptional shopping, beautiful art galleries, and beautiful parks

Swansboro is a destination like no others for those who enjoy the water. In Swansboro, you can enjoy all sorts of water activities, like swimming, boating, fishing, paddleboarding, kayaking, jet-skiing, and more. 

One of Swansboro’s biggest attractions is Hammocks State Park, which is an absolute delight for nature lovers. At Hammocks State Park, you’ll explore Bear Island, an untouched island great for kayaking, paddleboarding, hiking, bird watching, fishing, beachcombing, and more. It’s rare to see such a beautiful piece of untouched nature and well worth a visit.

There’s something fun to do no matter your interest in Swansboro. This charming city is the perfect place to explore during your getaway on the Crystal Coast.

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