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Judy O’Neill


"Judy and her team at Spinnaker’s Reach Realty were fabulous while helping us shop for and eventually buy a home in Emerald Isle. As we were only previous vacationers there, Judy helped us understand the area as homeowners and patiently walked us through the buying process. We always felt like we had someone on our side. We highly recommend Judy to anyone who needs a realtor!" L. Anderson

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Matias Lagos

Broker/Property Manager

"He quickly figured out which homes would be a good match for us and presented information thoroughly and in a very helpful format. He helped us narrow down the list of options and went the extra mile for us when we were not in town. He kept care not to push us beyond our means and helped find the best fit for us. Thanks, Matias for a job well done." R. Davis

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Randy Campbell


"Randy is the man! He helped guide us as to whether it was a better decision to build or buy a home...well, we built a home and couldn’t be happier! We now live and own our dream home!" G. Miller

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Mindy Montague

Broker/Property Manager

"We used Mindy for several different Real Estate transactions and couldn’t be more pleased with her level of professionalism, organization, and genuine care for our family. Thank you Mindy and we will be in touch!" S. Noble

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Terry Hailey Wade

Terry Hailey Wade

Our Team's Newest Agent


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