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About us

Living along the coast is simply paradise… being able to enjoy all year what guests preview for weeks at a time while operating our family’s vacation rental and real estate business is a lifestyle anyone could become accustomed to. Caring for each individual home as if it was our own is what has been building our reputation with owners and guests since the mid-90s. We are able to host more and more families each year and love nothing more than showing new and past visitors what is so special about our area.

Anytime you give our office a call at 252-354-5555 or send an email to [email protected], rest assured you are corresponding with a “Spin Team” and Emerald Isle professional. We are lucky that our team is comprised of trustworthy folks that have been with us since basically the beginning- with the addition of a few new here and there.

We like to think that our team, the properties that we offer, and the experience that we provide is simply the best.

Warm and sunshine-filled wishes!

Judy O’Neill, Kyle Lagos, and Matias Lagos