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Emerald Isle Fishing: The Best Way to Enjoy the Crystal Coast

If your idea of an ideal vacation involves spending a day fishing, then Emerald Isle is the perfect destination for you! There are so many opportunities to cast your line around town. Whether you enjoy deep sea fishing or prefer the surf, you won’t have trouble finding a spot to unreel and relax. Check out how you can enjoy Emerald Isle fishing during your next vacation!

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The Many Ways to Enjoy Emerald Isle Fishing

Surf Fishing

Surf fishing is a beloved tradition down here. There are a ton of great spots around town where you can bury your feet in the sand and cast your line in the water. All of Spinnaker’s Reach’s homes are near a private strip of beach along Coast Guard Road so you can start there if you’re hoping to enjoy a quiet surf fishing excursion. The Point is another popular spot. The currents near the westernmost tip of Emerald Isle make for ideal fishing conditions. Before you head out, be sure to get your North Carolina fishing license!

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Emerald Isle Fishing Charters

If this is your first time fishing on the Crystal Coast, consider booking an Emerald Isle fishing charter. These skilled captains are more than happy to take you to their favorite spots and help you reel in the big one. You will likely need a North Carolina fishing license for these charters as well, so be sure to acquire on before heading out! Find buoyant bliss as the boat rides the movement of the water, and see what’s biting below. If this is your fishing fantasy, access our Vacation Guide to get our recommendations for fishing charters!

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Visit Bogue Inlet Pier

The Bogue Inlet Pier is a favorite fishing spot for locals and visitors alike. It’s on the west side of the island and has been a part of Emerald Isle since 1957, though it’s been recently renovated. Once you take a trip to the pier, you’ll see exactly why fishing families have been coming here for their vacations for generations. You won’t need a North Carolina Coastal Recreational Fishing License if you fish at the pier, making it the perfect option for out-of-state guests. Even if you don’t choose to fish here, be sure to check out their fishing reports to find out what to expect during your day of fishing.

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Relax at a Luxurious Spinnaker’s Reach Vacation Home

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Are you ready for everything the Crystal Coast has to offer? From fishing in Emerald Isle to spending your days lying on the sand, there are endless reasons why a trip to the best beach in North Carolina is right for your family! Just be sure to book your home with Spinnaker’s Reach before you pack your bags. You won’t be able to find a better selection of properties anywhere else in town. All of our luxurious houses are in one convenient neighborhood, with a private pool and golf carts available for our guests.

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