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Why the Crystal Coast Is One of the Best OBX Travel Dupes

The Crystal Coast is a beautiful destination, rich in history and unspoiled natural beauty. It’s no wonder it’s considered one of the best OBX travel dupes. If you want to learn more, the Spinnaker’s Reach Realty team curated this guide to some of the top reasons you should consider the Crystal Coast for your next North Carolina getaway.

5 Reasons the Crystal Coast Is One of the Top OBX Travel Dupes

1. Both Destinations Are Rich in History

Like the Outer Banks, the Crystal Coast is also overflowing with history, making it one of the best travel dupes for history buffs. Atlantic Beach on the Crystal Coast is home to Fort Macon State Park, which played an important role in military conflicts such as the Civil War. Beaufort, one of the state’s oldest towns, was established in 1709 and became a center for maritime trade and shipbuilding. It’s also where two of Blackbeard’s Pirate ships met their demise off the Beaufort Inlet

2. Both Are the Settings of Iconic American Romances

Nicholas Sparks is renowned for his exceptional ability to weave stories that elicit profound emotions from his readers. His stories are often set against the picturesque landscapes of coastal North Carolina. The pristine beaches, charming seaside towns, and breathtaking oceanfront sunsets set the perfect stage for these beloved romantic tales.

 3. A Perfect Travel Dupe for Unique Wildlife

The Crystal Coast is one of the best OBX travel dupes for nature lovers and features unique wildlife shaped by its coastal habitats, barrier islands, and maritime ecosystems. The Shackleford Banks, off the NC Crystal Coast, is home to a herd of feral horses that have roamed free for over 400 years. You can learn more in our guide to the best Crystal Coast eco-tours. Birdwatchers can spot migratory songbirds, waterfowl, shorebirds, and raptors in areas like the Theodore Roosevelt Natural Area and Emerald Isle Woods Park. Discover the best local birdwatching spots with our guide

4. One of the Most Affordable OBX Travel Dupes + Fewer Crowds

The Crystal Coast provides a relaxed atmosphere in contrast to the busy tourist centers of the Outer Banks. This difference is often reflected in more pocket-friendly accommodation rates. Spinnaker’s Reach Realty offers a delightful range of vacation rentals in Emerald Isle that cater to every individual’s taste and requirement. You can choose from rentals with ocean views, private pools, and even options that allow you to bring your furry companions along for the trip!

5. Enjoy Calmer and Warmer Waters on the Crystal Coast

The waters of the Crystal Coast in North Carolina have a special appeal due to their calmness, shallowness, and warmth. This is in contrast to the deeper and cooler waters found off the Outer Banks. The reason for the Crystal Coast’s distinct charm is its proximity to the Gulf Stream.

Find Your Gateway to Paradise on the Crystal Coast

The Crystal Coast is one of the best travel dupes if you are looking for a coastal getaway that captures the essence of the Outer Banks with better affordability and its own distinct charm. You can book your stay with Spinnaker’s Reach Realty and choose from our premium selection of Emerald Isle vacation rentals to find your ideal gateway to coastal paradise.