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Sea Turtle Season in Emerald Isle, NC

Our area’s most beloved creatures will soon return to continue their beautiful life cycle. That’s right; one of the best times in Emerald Isle and along the whole NC Crystal Coast: sea turtle nesting and hatching season! It’s a great privilege to experience such an occasion in our little slice of paradise, and we at Spinnaker’s Reach Realty are excited to share the moment with you. Our family-owned vacation rental and real estate company is dedicated to showing new and returning guests all the special things about our area— like sea turtle season. Continue reading for more information. 

All You Need to Know About Emerald Isle Sea Turtle Season

Spinnaker’s Reach Realty and our vacation rentals sit on the southernmost tip of our Southern Outer Banks island, giving you access to gorgeous sunsets and access to the calming ocean shore. You’ll eventually make your way to the beach in Emerald Isle during your upcoming warm weather stay (between May–November), possibly encountering nesting sea turtles and their hatchlings. 

Emerald Isle sea turtle season typically occurs between May and November. Pregnant loggerhead sea turtles emerge from the sea, lay up to 150 eggs, cover them with sand, and return to their aquatic homes. A few months later, adorable but threatened hatchlings climb out of their holes and head straight to the water. It’s a truly amazing sight to behold! We care about keeping these endangered species safe, allowing them the best chance at survival. See below how you can do the same! 

  • If you see a nest, respect it from outside the protection tape set up local volunteer organization, Emerald Isle Sea Turtle Patrol (EISTP)
  • You are more than welcome to join any volunteers sitting, waiting for the baby turtles to hatch
  • Watch out for cone-shaped nests, like an inverted lightbulb, when walking on the beach
  • Stay away from all nesting mothers, making sure to keep your kids, pets, noises, and any other disturbances at a large distance
  • Fill all holes that your little ones or dogs may dig while enjoying a beach day
  • Remove all toys, tents, and other barriers from the beach before leaving
  • Keep all lights off (even at your Emerald Isle vacation rental) as hatchlings will go toward lights on homes, streets, and piers versus heading for the ocean
  • Never take shells or dead hatchlings from the beach
  • Keep your flashlights and flash cameras at home
  • Pick up all trash
  • Fireworks are illegal

If you see a turtle and/or nest in need or are concerned, please call the Emerald Isle Police at 252-354-2021. Never try to interfere with any wildlife when there are trained professionals to assist. The animals will thank you! 

Thanks in advance for doing your part to help the beloved sea turtles of Emerald Isle have another peaceful season. Spinnaker’s Reach Realty has the best oceanfront Emerald Isle vacation rentals, placing your family within proximity of these majestic animals and beach. Book your summer stay with us online now!