Five Delightful Ways to Enjoy Holiday Travel to Emerald Isle

The holiday season on Emerald Isle’s is magical because the island is filled with delight and festive cheer. When you plan your holiday travel to Emerald Isleyou’ll be able to experience many special moments surrounded by twinkling lights and glistening beachscapes. To discover all the greatness that Emerald Isle has to offer, request access to our free Emerald Isle Things to Do List and prepare to spend your holidays in the most inviting vacation homes. 

Start Planning Your Holiday on Emerald Isle

Make the Best of Your Holiday Travel to Emerald Isle!

1. Celebrate the Season 

Of course, you can always experience holiday cheer at Emerald Isle’s festive celebrations. Whether you’d like to venture through a holiday wonderland of twinkling lights with the kids or get lost in a historic home tour with your sweetheart, there’s an event for you.  

These are some of the best celebrations on the Crystal Coast: 

2. Lounge on our Sandy Beaches  

When you visit the Crystal Coast, an escape to the beach is essential. Luckily, our area has some of the best beaches in North Carolina. From The Point to Bogue Inlet Pieryou’ll find the best of Emerald Isle anywhere the sand meets the sea. Plus, the gleaming waters of the shoreline are especially mesmerizing during the holiday season. 

3. Spend the Day at Theodore Roosevelt Natural Area 

The 265-acre Theodore Roosevelt Natural Area offers a unique opportunity for adventure to all its visitors. The undeveloped area features two walking trails that are for ideal short hikes and viewing the local wildlife. Nature lovers of all ages can visit the natural habitat for free and indulge in the wooded area’s peaceful scenery.  

Pro-tip: Along the trails, you will find small benches and discrete wildlife viewing areas; these are the perfect places to stop and take in the views. Keep an eye out for river otters, marsh rabbits, gray foxes, salamanders, frogs, and turtles.  

4. Explore Emerald Isle Woods Park 

Another favorite wooded area is Emerald Isle Woods Park; thiquiet spot on the island is perfect fohiking, fishing, and bird watching. The park stretches over 41-acres of forest and even features a fantastic disc golf course. So, whether you‘re lookinfor a quick game, gorgeous sights, or a refreshing walk, Emerald Isle WoodPark, is the best place to go.  

5. Stay in Your Very Own Emerald Isle Oasis  

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