The Secret to the Best Family Beach Vacation Packing List

Vacations are supposed to be fun. Why, then, is packing for a getaway one of the most stressful things a parent can do? You have to strike a balance between having enough to get you through the week and not including so much that you can’t transport it all. Add to that the need to be strategic in the way you pack your bags so that the most important items are easily reachable, and it’s no wonder some people would rather stay home than take a vacation with the family! Well, we say, “no more!” We want to help our guests and potential guests have the best trip of their lives, and that starts the moment they book their home. So here are some of our best tips to keep in mind when making a family beach vacation packing list!

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The Perfect Family Beach Vacation Packing List

It’s About the Journey

Whether you’re traveling by car or by plane, you’ll need to keep the kids entertained. A cranky child can make a 15-minute car ride seem like it’s taking four hours. Now imagine if you’re actually on a four-hour journey! The point is, make sure that you pack plenty of games, books, and other fun activities. If you’re taking phones or tablets, keep the charging cables at hand for any low batteries. Don’t forget to also bring a pair of headphones for each traveler.

Pack for the Beach

If you’re like us, you’re going to spend most of your summer on the beach. Who could blame you? We’re known for our pristine stretches of gorgeous shoreline. Before you head out, though, be sure to pack a couple of bottles of your favorite sunscreen. We suggest looking for varieties that say that they are waterproof and say “broad spectrum” on the label. There are also some excellent brands of sun-safe clothing like Coolibar and Columbia. Remember to bring life jackets as well. Even if your little ones are strong swimmers in the pool, we encourage everyone to use a life jacket. If this is seeming like a lot to pack, it’s okay. Our next tip takes care of that!

Don’t Stress!

Even though Emerald Isle is a quiet town, we’ve still got everything you might need for your vacation. If you need life jackets, stop by the fire station or Ace Hardware. If you need to stock up on sunscreen, stop by the grocery stores in town. If you’d prefer to have your goods delivered, Lowes Grocery and Publix both offer that service. We also suggest that our guests use Island Essentials and Beach Butler Rentals for any beach equipment. So relax! Remember that vacations are supposed to be fun.

Stay at Spinnaker’s Reach

Now that your family beach vacation packing list is finished, the only thing left to do is to book your vacation rental with Spinnaker’s Reach! We have the best selection of homes in the area. No matter the reason for your visit or the size of your party, we have the property that will suit your needs. From pet-friendly homes to oceanfront rentals, we’ve really got it all! 

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